Our company has been serving in Gemlik Zeytin Hali for approximately 30 years. In 2017, we continue to serve in Marzim Olive Processing Center by combining the latest technology and hygiene in a closed area of ​​800m².

Gemlik and the region's most rare olives harvest time by collecting the process of processing our own pools, then packaging our production line in hygienic conditions for the taste of our valued customers, we offer our olives.

Our mission

The aim is to evaluate the products of our partners under the best conditions with a developmental and innovative approach by considering the principles of universal cooperatives without deviating from the principle that force emerges from the union. To be a pioneer in the country's olive and olive oil policy by protecting the interests of our cooperatives and producer partners in developing world conditions.

our vision

With the traditional quality and assurance from branch to table we produce and develop olive and olive oil products, marketers and our partners, employees and customers with a sustainable competitive model of the Association of cooperatives in the national olive and olive oil industry quality and standards to be the reference to achieve the same success in the international arena.

Our quality policy

We offer world class service quality to all our customers from raw material to final product and we strive to be innovative and manufacturer in Olive Oil Market. We create an environment in which completely honest, reliable relations are established with our customers and expectations are fully met. Our customer-centric service concept is all about providing customers with the service they want as soon as possible.